Many workplaces are focused on attracting millennial workers, hoping to hire and retain them, while keeping them satisfied and engaged in their jobs.

Although it’s important to value Millennials and Generation Z, the ageing workforce is a powerful force that provides tremendous value to a business and deserves careful planning and protection. Many older workers are extremely skilled and productive. Most have spent years working in their field and have a significant amount of know-how. They tend to have a strong work ethic and are professional and reliable. Research has shown that older employees can bring a wealth of experience and motivation to a business. Here we have detailed the benefits of attracting an ageing workforce and the areas your business should focus on to retain them.

It’s often said that “with age, also comes wisdom” and older employees can bring with them a wealth of experience, different views and a different mindset to their younger colleagues. No matter what industry you are involved in, you will know that employees are the lifeblood of all businesses and can help drive your organisation forward. Older employees, in particular, offer many benefits to a growing business…

Talent and Experience

Older employees are often able to serve as mentors, coaches or subject area experts and assist ambitious younger employees while also feeling valued. More senior employees have experienced shifting markets, economic conditions and other challenges and can bring this experience to bear in future periods of uncertainty.


Older workers are less likely to be on a steep career path, which means they are more likely to be attracted to stay if provided with the flexibility and security that they require. This, in itself, brings the benefits of reducing employee turnover and your associated recruitment costs.


Older employees often possess more industry-specific experience, and people like dealing with others who have that particular knowledge to hand, also having more practical wisdom often means that older members of the workforce are more likely to remain calm and level-headed in troubling times.

What can you do within your organisation to both attract older employees and retain your ageing workforce?

Be inclusive –

Take a look at your existing company culture. Does it include all generations? Do your employee engagement strategies reflect your employee’s age range? Recognising the importance and benefits of having a multi-generational workforce is a great first step, but actually managing to attract and retain older workers is a very different challenge to that of their younger counterparts.

Be open to reskilling –

When you are recruiting and considering an older worker, bear in mind that while they may have a slightly different work history to that which you are seeking, they may well have the essential skills required and these can be built upon with the help of reskilling. While recognising and utilising the existing skills and experience of older employees, reskilling allows older workers to build on this while developing new talents and using new technologies.

Be flexible –

It’s fair to say that older employees are seeking flexibility as one of the most sought-after elements of a job. Older workers will generally have commitments outside of work, such as family. They may also be seeking a genuine work-life balance as they approach and exceed traditional retirement age – often after a lengthy working life of long hours and climbing the career ladder. So when it comes to retaining an ageing workforce, employers need to be as flexible as is possible to help overcome potential challenges, this can be as simple as reviewing flexible working hours, job-share or health care options.

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