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4:30pm, Monday 21st June 2010

The Accident

On Monday the 21st June 2010, Kevin Scott was working in the oil and gas industry as a construction rigger. At 4:30pm Kevin was involved in a manual handling crush accident offshore. This preventable accident resulted in him sustaining a partial amputation to his right hand which to this day still affects 40% of its overall function.

The consequences

The true and very real consequences of this preventable accident on Kevin’s life was felt deeply across his physical and psychological state of mind and well-being. Many relationships broke down as a direct result of the accident, career aspirations vanished and the impact was felt across many family, friends and colleagues alike.

The presentation

Kevin’s presentation on his accident is very powerful and personal in its delivery. Kevin covers in detail how he overcame each hurdle thrown at him physically and mentally, which took him from rock bottom all the way through to the respected H&S practitioner in heavy industry he is today.

The passion

Kevin’s true passion lies in delivering high impact speeches on Health and Safety and advising clients on their Health and Safety needs and learnings across the globe. Kevin aspires to embed the ‘what if’ and not the ‘if only’ thought process in all employees minds, in order to support the vision of sustainable safe and efficient operations.

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