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Did you know?

On a daily basis across all industries, employees normalise the risk associated with their daily working environment and tasks. Employees become so familiar within their surroundings and the repetition of their tasks they underestimate the true impact of realising that normalised risk.

The ‘Normalised Risk – The Other Side!’ presentation not only raises the awareness of employees to stop and think ‘what if’ and not ‘if only’ when it comes to normalising risk; it also describes the true and very real consequences behind the lessons learned slide discussed at monthly safety meetings, or viewed on canteen notice boards.

Kevin’s presentation captures in grave detail the real life physical and psychological consequences associated with having an accident at work. From relationship break downs through to the tangible impact felt by family, friends and colleagues alike.

Unlike other speakers which typically resonate with front line operatives only on the impact of an industrial accident. Kevin has the ability to connect with both front line operatives and business leadership personnel alike on the tangible impacts felt from such unfortunate events and loss at work. This is possible through the fact that Kevin picked himself up from rock bottom and rebuilt his career back up as a respected H&S practitioner.

Who is it for?

The ‘Normalised Risk – The Other Side!’ presentation is for all industries and levels of employment alike. Whether it is a director weighing up business cost vs risk or a front line operative working at height. Risk is normalised daily across all levels of employment and industries.

Personnel who have attended and benefitted from this presentation previously across all industries include –

  • Board level directorship
  • Designers & Engineers
  • Managers and front line supervision
  • Contract support & services personnel
  • Skilled trades persons & semi-skilled front line operatives
  • Graduates and apprentices.

When could you utilise such a service?

Whether you would like to address a specific area of lateral learning, or focus minds on an emerging scope. The presentation material can be adjusted to fit your needs and learnings so you get the greatest impact from my personal experience.

The ‘Normalised Risk – The Other Side!’ presentation can support endless amounts of business opportunities and events organised across everyday industry environments. Opportunities supported in the past include, but are not limited to –

Annual safety events, including delivery of opening keynote messages for world safety week

Mobilisation and induction campaigns

Safety stand downs & topic specific campaigns to add real life tangible content – hand and Manual Handling campaigns

Leadership breakfasts and lunch & learn sessions

Work shop (away day) safety moments and guest speaker slots during accredited H&S training courses

Graduate and apprentice team building events

Kevin has the full suite of offshore wind (GWO) & Oil & Gas certification and insurances in place. This allows him to support your requirements across remote locations (offshore), as well as in onshore environments.

This has benefitted our clients in the past through minimising cost, operational disruption, and maximised attendance.

Our Clients

Stuart Gladstone

Safety Supervisor at ConocoPhilips

Having worked with Kevin many years ago on a project for a small period of time I was hugely impressed with him at a professional level – a real HSE professional in every sense.
I recently witnessed Kevin when he was presenting a speech on ‘Normalised Risk’, what an inspirational talk!
Both from a topic point of view and when Kevin spoke of his own struggles he had the audience waiting on his every word… if you need a motivational speaker then Kevin is the next generation.

Murdo Maclean

Corporate HSSE Manager, Worley Parsons

Kevin’s presentation had a profound impact on the audience, his honesty and openness about the impact an accident at work had on his life made a lasting impression on me and all of those in attendance.

Hannah McIntosh

Safety Supervisor, Conoco Phillips

Kevin’s session was thought provoking, with a strong message and passionately presented. Sessions like this are a benefit in allowing people time to stop and reflect on what we all do in the industry and honestly think about how well (or not) we recognise and manage safety (process and occupational) standards in the work we do each day.

Alick Watt

VP Asset Support, Wood PLC

As you develop and grow as a safety leader there are moments you look back on that have had a significant impact on your journey.  Whether that has been something you have witnessed, an injury or fatality to a close friend or relative, guidance of an influential mentor or someone’s powerful story.  Kevin’s is one of those powerful stories – deeply personal, memorable and so easy to relate and learn from as an individual, safety professional or business leader.  Kevin is not only a powerful speaker but a great one to one coach getting alongside workers, supervisors and construction managers helping them in their safety journey.

Gavin MacDonald

Managing Director, Global Project Services

Kevin provided an excellent presentation to our team, his drive to share his own experience provided a true insight to what can happen when it all goes wrong by not preparing properly for our work and life tasks. In doing so he delivered his own experiences with humility, providing a real insight to the impact of personal injury at work, and the effect of this on personal and family life. Kevin’s story is inspiring in how he has managed to deal with injury, and come back with a passion that helps to encourage each of us to think about our own behaviour to our work, and life tasks.

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