“Why would an organisation hire a motivational safety speaker?” If you asked most safety speakers this question, the answers you are very likely to hear are…

“I can change the company’s outlook”, “I can fix problems within the organisation”, “I can give a boost to their employees so that they can be more safety focused and can give their best to work”, etc., etc.

But these are not the reasons a business decides to hire a motivational safety speaker! The true answer lies in knowing the value of your workforce.

Most management teams are realistic in the knowledge that hiring a motivational safety speaker to come into their organisation will not magically fix all their problems. However, they do know that the key to ongoing business success is to engage with and create “buy-in” with their employees. It’s also about retaining their best employees and attracting quality people. Hiring a motivational speaker is all part of this master-plan!

As well as being there to impart their specialist knowledge and experiences, the motivational speaker is there to promote team-building and to rally the troupes; because after all, a unified team is critical to any organisation. Having a tight-knit team that works harmoniously together for you, not against you, makes life easier (and safer) for everyone! Hosting a speaking event brings everyone together from the management level through the ranks. So it is the event itself that has meaning, and any good motivational speaker will know this and will put banding employees together at the heart of their mission.

So if you want to ensure your motivational speaker can engage your workforce, make sure they have these essential qualities:


Each speaker will have a clear overall message with a similar theme for all audiences, but they should be able to adjust this to suit each specific group. If you tell them what you’re looking for in advance, you can gauge if they’ll be a good fit or not. The better they know their requirements, the more successful the event will be, so if you are unclear or don’t know what your objectives are, ask the speaker to help you determine these.


It goes without saying that the speaker you hire should be… a good speaker! You need someone who can captivate the audience and hold their attention through the presentation with their storytelling skills. So you may want to schedule a phone call with them to get a sense of how they speak and communicate.


Motivating your group is a great way to start any project, but motivation is worthless without some action behind it. Your chosen speaker should have some action steps or tools/resources ready to provide your audience and the organisation after the presentation. So, ask them what they can do to support your attendees and business after the event.


When booking a motivational speaker, it is essential to do your due diligence and make sure they practice what they preach. Check their website and social media profiles, online reviews and even ask for additional references if it would make you more comfortable.


No one knows your audience better than you. Think about the style they’d relate to the most. If your employees are a group of millennials, they’ll likely connect better with someone who has an informal approach, whereas a group of execs will want someone who has confidence and can educate them.

I’m a motivational speaker myself and my current high impact speech titled ‘Normalised Risk – The Other Side!’ can be tuned in to your business needs and learnings through collaboration. Whether you would like to address a specific area of lateral learning or focus minds in on emerging scope. I can adjust my material to your personal needs, so you get the greatest impact from my own experience, as well as these additional benefits:

  • A speaker who can mobilise to remote locations (offshore) which have benefitted my clients through minimising cost, operational disruption and maximising attendance
  • A speaker who understands and can relate to all levels of an organisation, due to the fact I have extensive experience in both blue and white collar environments, as a construction tradesman and H&S practitioner
  • A speaker who can offer professional Health & Safety services as part of any collaborative follow on.

I can also offer follow up support in the form of an E-brochure and safety ambassador toolkit. To find out more about my speaking services contact me directly on kevin@scottsafe.co.uk

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