An employee induction programme is vital for new employees to gain the appropriate information about the company and to integrate them into the organisation’s culture and goals. In addition to that, adding a safety induction program to the general induction program or creating a separate programme is also vitally important. A proper workplace induction programme which is designed to provide the most up to date information can pay back to the organisation in terms of savings in other areas…


The hiring process is demanding on both employer and employee. Most new employees will start a new job with high levels of motivation and will be keen to demonstrate to their new employers that they are the right person for the job. However, without an effective induction process, the journey for the new employee can be fraught with danger and eventually the new employee will lack confidence which could be interpreted by their peers as a lack of competence. This can then result in a downward spiral which will be difficult to reverse and ultimately may lead to the new hire walking out the door and not coming back.


From a business point of view, productivity or loss of, should be a fundamental point to consider in the hiring process. Nobody expects the new person to slot straight in and to be as productive as an experienced employee but there should be an expectation that he or she will learn quickly and become productive in as short a time frame as possible.


All businesses must comply with regulations and legislation in areas such as safety and environmental management. An effective employee induction process should educate new employees about company policies and procedures which will in turn help to prevent incidents and possible litigation.


A company’s reputation is vital for the wellbeing of that company and never more so than in this era of social media. The induction process helps shape the first impression that a new employee may have of a business and this, in turn, will have an effect on future recruitment drives.

Designing an appropriate and cost-effective induction package is the most complex task for employers to do since the programme has to provide all the information that new employees need, without being overwhelming or diverting them from learning the essential processes of their new department.

So, what should you cover?

After you have spoken to your new employee about everything you must cover, the following should also be included in your induction process to provide them with the best start possible.

The first thing you should do is show your employee around the organisation. Give them a tour and start by introducing them to their line manager and team, but do be careful not to bombard them, there is no need to rush out all the introductions on day one, especially if it is just going to stress out your new recruit.

It’s important that you collect all the vital documentation you need from your employee on the first day. This includes their National Insurance details, proof of address and P45 form, among other things. Then cover the basics, such as, what their hours are, lunch arrangements and holidays – you don’t want your new recruit sitting at their desk, tummy rumbling because you didn’t mention they could take lunch whenever they are ready.

Your induction needs to cover all the essential information but, weighing down your employee with too many new people, too much information and loads of paperwork will only end up making your employee feel overwhelmed and flustered. Instead, stick to the important information and organise sharing other information and introductions with various departments across the first week.

Instructing your employee to get straight into the job without an induction or forcing your employee to jump straight into their role, without any proper instruction, will leave them with a lack of confidence in their ability to fulfil their job requirements. Therefore, it is very important to gradually introduce them to their role, providing the opportunity to attempt various tasks in a supportive environment.

As a business owner, we know that you have a lot on your plate and setting aside the time required to establish an effective induction programme may not be something you can easily do, so we can take that off your hands! By outsourcing your induction process to us you can rest assured that your new staff members will make the best start possible in your organisation and your compliance responsibilities as an employer will be met.

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